Dr. Alberto Ochoa

Dr. Alberto Ochoa

Education Chair

Dr. Alberto M. Ochoa is Professor Emeritus in the College of Education at San Diego State University (SDSU). He began his academic work at SDSU in 1975. Dr. Ochoa has served as Chair of the Policy Studies in Language and Cross-cultural Studies Department (PLC) at SDSU for over 15 years. He also served as the Academic Director of the Joint Doctoral Program between Claremont University and SDSU from 1999-2005. His academic work is action research based, while combining theory and practice in the resolution of equity problems confronting social and educational institutions. He seeks the challenge of participating in community and institutional development programs/projects that have as their goal to promote democratic schooling and broad based community participation in the decisions that affect the quality of life of school communities – in both domestic and international settings.

Also since 1975, Dr. Ochoa has worked with over 60 K-12 school districts in California in providing technical assistance in the areas of: (1) language policy and assessment, (2) bilingual instructional programs, (3) curriculum programming, (4) staff development, (5) community development, (6) organizational development and school climate, (7) program management and evaluation, and (8) parent leadership. In addition, Dr. Ochoa has worked in educational international programs in the United Sates, Latin America, Spain and China.

Dr. Ochoa received B.A. Degrees from California State University in Sociology and Latin American Studies (1968 & 1969), MA Degree from the University of Southern California in Special Education (1971), and doctorate degree from the University of Massachusetts in Non-formal & International Education (1978) with an emphasis in community development.



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