Part-time MABPA Event Coordinator (15-20 hrs)

Are you the type of person that enjoys meeting new people and wants to be more involved in politics or community leadership? Would planning events with highly respected members of our community interest you? 


The Mexican American Business and Professional Association (MABPA) was founded in 1978 with the mission to promote economic and social prosperity for San Diego’s diverse communities. MABPA maintains contact with a broad section of business, education and political leaders through our monthly luncheons with a focus on informing and connecting our community around relevant issues.


MABPA is looking for a part-time (15-20 hrs) event coordinator who is passionate about serving the community and eager to grow with the organization. This position is uniquely rewarding offering a flexible schedule and the opportunity to meet and get to know leaders in different industries throughout the San Diego region. The ideal candidate is a people person who is well organized, able to multitask and eager to provide support to aid the growth of the organization. This person must be willing to learn and adapt to competing deadlines and shifting priorities.


As MABPA continues to grow, it’s critical we fill this role with a committed individual who is not only looking for a job, but someone whose values and goals are in line with the organization. The ideal candidate would benefit from the flexible work hours, find value in the prestige of their work in the organization, and expect to stay with the MABPA family for a minimum of two years.


If this sounds like the opportunity you have been looking for, please contact Josie Calderon-Scott, President at 619-475-8524. Click the link below to read the full job description including information to apply.

Event Coordinator Job Description_2018

January 3, 2018 Maxin Rivera Employment Opportunity


United Port of San Diego

United Port of San Diego

The San Diego Unified Port District will protect the Tidelands Trust resources by providing economic vitality and community benefit through a balanced approach to maritime industry, tourism, water and land recreation, environmental stewardship and public safety.


United Port of San Diego has current list of open recruitments for those interested. When applying for a position you should always read the entire bulletin carefully. Do not assume that you know what the requirements are for a position. Pay particular attention to the minimum requirements and any licenses, certificates or special requirements that are required. You must demonstrate on your resume and/or application that you meet or exceed the job requirements listed on the bulletin to be considered eligible. We do not contact you to obtain additional information. If you are interested in positions that are used throughout the Port you should apply each time it opens to ensure that you continue to be on a current list. Should you have any questions, please contact Human Resources at extension 6315.

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