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MABPA is honored to recognize Pro-Cal Lighting as our Business Spotlight for the month, a family owned business that became the leading lighting expert for the nation’s top Energy Service Companies. Pro-Cal designs and installs beautiful architectural lighting for high profile locations such as the San Diego Convention Center and the Coronado Bridge. They are currently working on designs for color changing lights in San Diego’s most thriving downtown district such as Gaslamp and Little Italy. As Pro-Cal Lighting becomes more involved with the Port of San Diego and its projects on the water, you will see their work change the skyline of San Diego with lights and lighting shows that will be unique to our great city.

Pro-Cal Lighting’s History

At the end of 2014 Anthony Morales and Brian Morales (father and son) created a family owned business and took on their first large project with the Los Angeles Unified School District. Although the company experienced several growing pains, Pro-Cal Lighting excelled at servicing its clients through quick responses and qualified team members who added additional value to their clients. The company has doubled in revenues year after year and through a successful relationship contracting with SDG&E as a Minority Owned Business Enterprise, Pro-Cal Lighting has participated on projects in access of 10 Million dollars and has become the leading lighting contractor for our nation’s military locations. Pro-Cal Lighting is proud to be a part of the nation’s reinvestment through energy efficiency installations in our federal, state, and local municipal infrastructures.

About the Owner

Brian Morales began his career in the electrical industry at the age of twenty-one after finishing his education at San Diego Christian College. He developed his leadership skills as a youth director and business owner that focused on delivering results that exceed expectation. Obtaining his contracting license in 2008, Brian began developing his experience further in the electrical industry as a regional manager and responsible managing employee for an energy efficiency company based out of Connecticut. He managed large public projects in Alaska, Hawaii, Washington, Arizona, California, and Colorado. While achieving these milestones, Brian obtained his contracting licenses in Florida, Washington, and Michigan.

As a product of a mixed-race family, White and Hispanic, Brian found himself celebrating both sides of his heritage while discovering the hardships of his minority side. Understanding California to be a proactive state in removing barriers for minority business owners, Brian became involved and began developing his company to be focused on providing equal opportunity to all genders, races, and education levels. Because of this approach, Pro-Cal Lighting employs amazing individuals who represent the best California has to offer. 

Learn more about Pro-Cal Lighting by visiting their website at

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The North Park Group – San Diego Website Design

The North Park Group offers website design and graphic design to start-ups here in San Diego…


In the digital age, a web site frequently serves as your business or organization’s front entrance through which many customers will pass. Our mission is to give you a professional on-line presence and tell your story. Gone are the days when people searched the yellow pages for a service or called a business for directions. Today, people find what they are looking for by searching Google which gets over 100 billion searches per month (Feb 2016 study). If you are a business owner, then there are potential customers searching Google for your services and/or products every day. The North Park Group provides businesses tools to market their business on the web.We provide an in-house experience working in conjunction with your team to develop and deploy a new website for your organization.

The North Park Group specializes in helping start-ups and small businesses take their idea to market. We understand creating a website sounds like a huge task, but we simplify the process. We work as web architects with you, developing the framework to drive business online.  Not only do we design and develop websites for you, we also understand branding.  If you have a business or product and don’t know how to market it, we can design a brand for you and a plan on how to reach your target market. When it comes to running your business, we will also recommend or develop systems and technologies to help automate your business and make it easy for you to manage your day to day.


  • Logo Design
  • website design
  • graphic design – web, print, flyers, banners, business cards
  • branding
  • digital marketing

Our business is driven by referrals.  We are a small company and maintain our clients by getting results.   We look forward to becoming a part of the MABPA community this year.  You can reach us by visiting our website or emailing us at

Visit us at


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