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MABPA & Small Buisness

Our business community must take a proactive lead with sustainable solutions by strengthening our schools that educate tomorrow’s workforce, ensuring reliable energy and water required by our communities and businesses, reinforcing our roadways and airways and preserve the amenities and open spaces that define our region’s enviable quality of life now more than ever. Through advocacy, fact-driven solutions, community partnerships and other strategies, we can strive to make a positive impact made.

MABPA works diligently to promote business, industry and culture within the San Diego region. We work to enhance relationships between Latino business professionals and the community. We continue to look forward to enhancing representation, visibility and business opportunities for our members and the community at large in the business arena and at the executive levels.

Our members and business members of the community are provided with the opportunities to network and meet high-ranking business professionals representing a wide variety of industries. For over 38 years, members have served as business and community leaders of the region on key boards and commissions, where they proudly represent strong ethical and professional standards while promoting their businesses. MABPA takes positions on federal, state, and local public policy issues to ensure they are conducive to supporting a strong business climate and economic growth in the region. Our work is dependent on strong relationships with community-based, academic and policy partners. Together with business and community leaders, we promote education, encourage economic and business development. We advocate for the business community’s interests in San Diego.

Through its diverse programs and initiatives, MABPA has grown strong ties to the military, Port of San Diego, Chambers of Commerce, SANDAG, San Diego Regional Economic Development Corp., as well as elected officials at the local, state and federal levels.

MABPA’s membership consists of successful business, professional and community leaders that specialize in a variety of professions such as education, medicine, law, finance, engineering, science, communications, public affairs and a variety of small business owners.

Businesses that MABPA Recognizes:

  • Always Interactive
  • Big Blovk Realty, Inc.
  • Brady & Associates
  • California Strategies, LLC
  • Chicano Federation
  • Cloud Now,LLC
  • E&E Industries
  • El Comal
  • Empowered IT Solutions
  • La Prensa
  • Law & Consulting Office of Gustavo Rios
  • Law Offices of Edward Barbat
  • Life Vantage
  • LPL Financial
  • Manzana Energy
  • Mp Tax Team
  • Nymblsoft
  • Port of San Diego
  • Pozos Creative Communications
  • Presidential Security Services, Inc.
  • Pro-Cal Lighting
  • San Diego’s Park ,Shuttle & Fly
  • SBDC California (San Diego and Imperial Network)
  • SD Digital Marketing (SD360Tours)
  • Signature Analytics
  • Silvygroup
  • SVPR Communications
  • Teague Insurance Agency Inc.
  • Testing Services & Inspection, Inc.
  • True Champions
  • TTG Environmental
  • Vali Cooper & Associates , Inc