For more than 38 years, the Mexican American Business and Professional Association has followed its mission of prioritizing access, advocacy and prosperity for all San Diego communities.

In 1978, MABPA was formed with the primary objective to create a voice for the Latino residents of San Diego County. In order to effectively influence legislative decisions affecting the Latino community, MABPA pursued systematically changing San Diego’s political leadership to include Latino representation.

Shortly after its formation, MABPA encouraged Latino civic engagement around an election in order to support two minority candidates running for San Diego City Council. This served as inspiration and opened doors for other minority groups in San Diego also involved in business and legislation.

Over the years, MABPA continued to ensure its members and affiliates were among the top appointees to high-profile boards and commissions at all levels of government. MABPA made its presence known by embracing and celebrating the natural diversity of the region. Its goal to shed light on the concerns of underserved communities was met by ensuring diversity among decision makers.

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Today, MABPA strongly emphasizes the importance of being universal. The association quickly broke away from its initial exclusivity to only Latinos and became an all-inclusive organization. It continues to welcome any professional or business-oriented individual seeking to improve the San Diego Region, specifically in the areas of business, education, community leadership and legislation.

As part of its strategy, MABPA’s calendar of events continue to offer an opportunity for public officials and other community leaders to determine how members of the community feel about specific issues. Through means of engagement and education, the function of political empowerment is to promote progress and inspire individuals to recognize their ability to bring change.