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MABPA offers monthly programs and special events throughout the year that bring together members of the business community with our elected officials, candidates and their staff.

MABPA is a bipartisan association that has developed and strengthened the community’s relations with legislative offices. Elected public officials and their representatives are invited and encouraged to provide both brief legislative reports and community updates at our monthly luncheon events. We welcome officials from all sides of the political spectrum and encourage them to keep us well informed on current initiatives and new or intended legislation.

Great value is placed on keeping open dialogue with our elected officials and candidates. This comes from trust that has been fostered and developed over a 38 year history. We value the trust and respect by our local leaders who come to us for support and guidance. Elected officials often contact MABPA when in need of input or feedback on specific measures contemplated. MABPA’s Executive Board and membership is generous with advocacy, ideas and point of view. This collaboration has shaped important legislation and policy affecting our communities and region.

Candidates for varied public offices also look to MABPA for a forum to share their platforms, and seek support. In both instances, MABPA members don’t shy away from asking the hard questions. For those who seek the honor of representing our communities, please consider clearly how policies will impact their constituents and our future expectations.